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Are you anxious about giving birth?


Would you like to replace fear with confidence and feeling in control?


Would you like to have a positive, gentle and calm experience of birth for both you, your partner and also your baby?



Hypnobirthing gives you the opportunity to feel in complete control and to trust in the birthing process. It replaces fear and 

tension with confidence in the birthing body which will enable it to work easily and efficiently

A Hypnobirthing course will give you both the tools to use during birth to ensure the whole experience is 

gentle, calm and relaxed

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 There are many Hypnobirthing courses to choose from so why should you choose me?

Unlike other courses, this Hypnobirthing course is midwife led as I am a Registered Midwife BSc Hons and qualified 

Hypnobirthing Practitioner. I have the additional knowledge and an understanding of the birthing process 

which will enhance your own knowledge and inevitably give you both confidence, trust and control

"Knowledge is Power"       


Group Courses

Chiddingstone Causeway is near Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas

with good links from London, the M25 and the coast


12 hour course split over 2 days

at St Luke's Parish Room, St Luke's Church,

Chiddingstone Causeway,

Kent TN11 8JE


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Private Courses


One-to-one sessions in the comfort

of your own home at your own convenience


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Refresher Courses

Refresher courses are also available for those who have 

previously completed a full Hypnobirthing course

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“No other natural bodily function is painful and childbirth should not be an exception” 

Dr Grantley Dick-Read

"Even though things deviated from my idea of my birth I calmly accepted all the changes and I honestly think doing your course massively contributed towards this to give me the confidence to check other options and to feel calm even though there were complications. Despite staying in hospital longer then planned I really wouldn't change one thing that happened. So thank you to you for giving me the wonderful course and all the amazing techniques to deliver my baby girl safely without any fear and the confidence I did it myself. 

I just wanted to explain how amazing I felt to birth that way, controlling the intense contractions the way I did and for feeling so positive when things deviated afterwards. I'm truly grateful for all of your amazing support and am in awe of you for wanting to teach women how they can birth without fear and have a positive birth experience. If only there were more people like you pushing this way of thinking about the beauty of child birth. Keep doing what you are and thank you so much again from all 3 of us"

Rhiannon and Brendan, Oct 2016

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"It was amazing and very empowering experience for both myself and Craig. We wanted to say thank you for teaching us all the hypnobirthing techniques which we used during birth - it all worked 100%! Labour lasted around 13 hours (from the earliest surges to the moment he joined us in this world) and we both stayed calm and focused and managed to stay at home as long as possible - when we arrived at the birth centre I was already 8cm dilated and Charlie was born just over three hours later.Thank you again for your support and guidance!! We appreciate it more than you know" 

Taisia and Craig, June 2014


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Anne Bayati

Registered Midwife BSc Hons

Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Breastfeeding and Postnatal Support 

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I honestly could not have come so far at home without my hypnobirthing techniques. I shall be fully advocating hypnobirthing to any of my friends who are on this journey. It really was a powerful tool

Sarah and Mark, Feb 2017

Thank you again for the course. I really am so grateful that the space in my head previously occupied with anxiety, fear and every other negative emotion is now replaced with confidence. It make a world of difference to the way I view and feel about this latter part of pregnancy

 Sarah and Mark, Nov 2016